How to Cram for the SAT?

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We are in the midst of the SAT season and I know that many high school students have either taken the test already or are going to take it in the very near future. The SAT is no joke; the reason why many have been prepping for years. However, many of you are probably reading this because you have been procrastinating and are looking for an SAT cramming solution guide. FEAR NOT!! I am here to make your life easier! Continue reading

The Art Form of Procrastinating

ProcrastinationI’m in a familiar spot right now; just sitting behind my computer screen procrastinating.  I’ve spent the past few hours avoiding this blog post, but now here we are.  I’m writing a blog that I could have written earlier, and I could be in bed right now.  However, I’m not going to talk about how terrible procrastinating is.

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