Leave No Trace

Picture by Steven Pham, Crew Historian

The smell of freshly pressed dust, the sounds of rattlesnakes on all sides, the hot near-Summer sun beating down on us. For miles we hiked on the worn, beaten dirt path, ascended mountainous slopes, and descended slippery rock trails. For miles we stretched our young, taut calves in order to proceed. For miles we chugged on sweet, hydrating water to refill our stores lost from sweat and waste. And finally we reached our destination: Continue reading

What, Pizza? A Sneak Peak + Explaination


As you’ve probably caught on from my blog post: Happiness In The Scouting Way¬†, I, Kevin Ly, am part of the Boy Scouts of America. Something like this would usually go on a personal blog post, however with our book coming out in a few months, I would like how to explain how Scouting fits into our book, “I’ll have a pizza with everything on it.” as well as talk about our book itself. Continue reading

Happiness In The Scouting Way


Last weekend, I volunteered at OC’s Tet festival for my scout troop, Lien Doan Huong Viet Crew 105’s booth. Unfortunately for us, we were placed in the far back, away from most people exploring the Vietnamese village and the main attractions. Fortunately, we didn’t have a fundraiser that day and were setting up simple ball throwing games and giving out free candy as prizes. We were also close to the food stalls and a Super Smash Bros tournament, so it wasn’t so bad as I thought it would be.

The people in my crew had shifts, and when we weren’t working our hours, we were able to explore around the festival. My friends and I obviously went to the food stalls first hehe. I ordered some balut, an asian egg dish that you do not want to google if you’re vegetarian, and had some spicy popcorn chicken. Too bad I’m really sensitive to spicy things, and I spent the next 30 minutes with a swollen tongue and a unbearable burning sensation in my mouth.

As for the rest of our break time, we ran around the festival, taking pictures, cracking jokes, and sightseeing. In one stall, my friend and I pooled our money together to play a dart throwing game, and won a stuffed tiger toy. In another, we played a round of Smash 4 at the Smash Bros booth, with me as the winner of course. It was a fun, carefree day, spending the days of our youth doing meaningless things, but meaningless things that were fun.

At the end of our time at the festival, our Scoutmasters took us to a neighboring booth, a booth with the history of scouting and our achievements as part of the Vietnamese Scout Lien Doans. What I saw there was a quote from Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the Scouting movement. In his quote, or last will as we could also call it, was a request for us, for the young to enjoy their lives and to make the most of it by being the best you can be. Live a happy life, a fulfilling life while looking at the bright and beautiful parts of life, and most of all, leave the world a better place that you found it. Make an impact on the world, and leave your mark for everyone, in the present or in the future, to see it. That is what we hope for our publishing house to do, and for our readers to the world.