AP Exams: The Afterstory + OUR BOOK


Well here we are, stuck in some sort of endless spiral, a limbo where we are in school, but also not. Just like my friends Chris and Orlando, I too, am a victim of wasting away the rest of the school year.

Out of five classes, four of them are AP classes, and as many of you know, after AP testing is a just a big party. Every day for AP Biology, my class either grades regular Biology’s tests and assignments or we watch movies on Netflix. In addition, my group for AP Calculus AB just finished our final video project today, and we’re ready to present it on Wednesday. Other than that, we’re finished with ANYTHING math related for the rest of the year. Thank god.

Of course there are exceptions to this heaven on earth. My AP Language class is still continuing our curriculum (As shown by this blog post *cough* Mr. Z) by reading our next book, Catcher in the Rye. In AP US History my class is doing a public presentation on anything from US history which in my group’s case is Show Business. Final projects for AP classes seem to be a trend here at FVHS.

Well with the pressure of rigorous AP classes pulled off our shoulders, the boys and I had more time to work on our book. We had Mr. Z check it, with our swag cover and everything, and 50 pages of cheesy, gooey teenage boy writing. And in fact, Mr. Z gave us the A-OKAY. Which means…WE FINISHED!!! We just need to figure out how to publish and print it with the clunky software that we’re using and our book will be in print. Cheers to hard work and dedication!

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