Not Quite Finished Yet

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Ah, just two more weeks of school left. Some of you may have already begun summer vacation, but those of you who are like me, are still trying to finish the home stretch of this school year out strong. About a month or two ago, I couldn’t wait until summer. Summer couldn’t come fast enough. But with only a few weeks left, call me crazy, but a part of me wishes that this school year can last a bit longer.

Junior year definitely lived up to the hype that everyone called it to be. I expected this to be the most rigorous and challenging year of my high school career, and it absolutely turned out to be just that. I mean thats all you can expect when you are taking 4 AP classes. Junior year at its peak can be pretty chaotic. Not only do you have to worry about maintaining your GPA, but you also have to take the SAT or ACT. Its just stress piled on stress that really takes a toll and diminish whats left of your social life.

There were days when I just felt like giving up. The countless nights of having to stay up and sleep at three in the morning and then having to wake up four hours later to be prepared for school just makes you hate everything about life. One of the most difficult things is trying to stay awake in class. When you go an average of 3-4 hours of sleep night after night, you will eventually become a zombie at school. The struggle of having to sit through lectures and at the same time be active mentally is beyond real.  I am totally honest with you. Sometimes, I just wished that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning and just stay in my sleep forever.

Those are the things that I will not miss. But what I will miss are the friends that I have made this year. I know that after this year, I will never be in the same classroom with the same people ever again. That is what I am afraid of. What if the people that I see on a regular basis this year, will disappear from my life next year. This is the reason why I want to hold onto my junior just a bit longer.

Photo credits: Amanda Munoz

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