AP Classes: The end of the year

AP tests are finally over, and you know what that means!  No classwork or homework or anything in those classes!  Hooray!

I only have end of the year projects in a couple of my classes, and in the others I’m watching movies or doing next to nothing.  As great as it is, I can only help but think about how wasteful it is.  Think about it.  Our teachers are given 8 months to help us prepare for the AP tests, and then the last month we do nothing.  There are almost no opportunities to improve your grade, and you’re just kind of stuck with it.  Take biology for example: it was easily my hardest class of the year and I’ve made it clear to my teacher that my classmates and I would probably take on any amount of work if it meant getting a better grade.  She won’t assign anything because she’s put off grading papers and labs.

Don’t be that teacher.  Don’t be the person that refuses to listen to their students.  At least offer an assignment, not everybody has to do it.  At this point, I would (metaphorically) KILL for an extra 2% on my grade, because my GPA has been god-awful this semester.  There’s nothing worse than being stuck with a grade that doesn’t meet your expectations and being repeatedly reminded that you can’t do anything about it.  When I go to biology, it’s literally a form of torture to sit in that class.  I wish that I could do something, no not something, ANYTHING to change my grade. Alas, those two percentage points will remain out of my reach.

Then I have classes where my teachers are willing to assign work.  My math teacher is doing an end of the year project that tests a lot of what we learned and it’s surprisingly fun.  My English teacher is having us create our résumé for college/jobs which is amazing, because it puts what we learned to use outside of high school.  Even better, these assignments are worth very valuable points that can boost your grade.

TL;DR The current AP testing system is flawed because it can allow teachers and students to do nothing for a month.

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