If You Want Some, Come Get Some!

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.01.38 PM

How many times have you seen people who can trash talk all day long, and back out of a fight when challenged to do so? Don’t you just hate it when you see people like that? They can talk the talk, but the big question is can they walk the walk? More likely than not, theses people are COWARDS. Why do they want to provoke a fight? Well, it is because they understand that deep down inside their soul, they are weak and inferior, so they have to pick on someone to satisfy their needs.

I have a story to share about a similar scenario I encountered while on my trip to Las Vegas:

So…my family and I were walking and enjoying ourselves as we headed north up the strip to our hotel, until we saw something we don’t ordinarily see in our daily lives on the public streets. We see this skinny man, who was on top of the stairs, dropping F-Bombs at this rather bigger looking man down the stairs. The skinny guy kept on calling him names, calling him “fat” and other inappropriate names that shall not be mentioned. With each name calling the skinny guy threw at him, his face became red and redder until he was fuming with rage. He was reluctant to cause any calamity in public, and every step he took towards his foe’s direction, his wife held him up, begging him to stay away from the fight.

However, the trash talking finally relinquished the beast that was inside the big man. Rightfully so, the big guy took his wife’s arms off of him and slowly walked up the stairs. The skinny guy, further making himself look a foolish clown, began to back away and paused each time to call the big guy names again. He was jumping over escalators and running away, while the big guy obviously had no chance. The all of a sudden a random guy, who had been advertising on the streets, ran up and tried grab the skinny guy. Unfortunately, he got away and ran away like a complete coward that he was.

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