Modern Products and Not Caring About It


“The latest iPhone is out, it’s…bigger.”
“Okay and…?”
“That’s it.”
“It also has a different charger port just like EVERY single apple product before it.”

What I don’t I understand is the “hype” of modern products despite being your normal, everyday teenager. What? A new game console came out? Okay then, but I’m not going to scrap my Playstation 3 (Pshh, I actually have a Playstation 2, the old block model) for a Playstation 4 so I can play new games at crazy inflated prices. Nor am I going to get the latest iPhone just because it’s new and modern. I’m perfectly fine with my hand-me-down iPhone 4 thank you very much. It’s not that I’m different, it’s just that I’m not blind to what businesses and attention seekers are trying to degrade our society to mindless zombies.

Businesses like Apple have products like the iPhone, and it’s nothing special really, in fact I would consider it less than average. Slow ios, easily broken screen, restrictions left and right, now who would want a product like that? Now here is where Apple makes the big bucks. The word of mouth, a sprinkle of bandwagon, and a hint of jealously is all it takes to have a customer who used to have a flip phone to enlist into the legion of Apple. To be honest, the only thing that Apple does right is it’s social brainwashing of people into buying iPhones. If you have ever used a Mac, it’s ONLY good for editing and editing only.

In order to avoid hopping into a bandwagon like this, it’s best to confirm your sense of self. Why would you want something that everyone has and you don’t. Is it to fit in? Be a rebel! Be an individual.

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