Leave No Trace

Picture by Steven Pham, Crew Historian

The smell of freshly pressed dust, the sounds of rattlesnakes on all sides, the hot near-Summer sun beating down on us. For miles we hiked on the worn, beaten dirt path, ascended mountainous slopes, and descended slippery rock trails. For miles we stretched our young, taut calves in order to proceed. For miles we chugged on sweet, hydrating water to refill our stores lost from sweat and waste. And finally we reached our destination: Continue reading


If You Want Some, Come Get Some!

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.01.38 PM

How many times have you seen people who can trash talk all day long, and back out of a fight when challenged to do so? Don’t you just hate it when you see people like that? They can talk the talk, but the big question is can they walk the walk?  Continue reading