What, Pizza? A Sneak Peak + Explaination


As you’ve probably caught on from my blog post: Happiness In The Scouting Way , I, Kevin Ly, am part of the Boy Scouts of America. Something like this would usually go on a personal blog post, however with our book coming out in a few months, I would like how to explain how Scouting fits into our book, “I’ll have a pizza with everything on it.” as well as talk about our book itself.

First of all, our book is a mess, a horrible, but beautiful mess. I would be a liar if I said that our book was properly planned and organized…at the moment, but we are working on editing our essays and formatting the first quarter of our book. So why would I include Scouting in some of these blog post, a purely personal aspect of me onto a group blog? Well this is because our book itself it going to be…quite personal. A few of my essays in there are entirely about my Scouting experience and others touch on music or things I like.  Corey talks about basketball and film related stuff. Chris focuses on golf, and Orlando also goes for basketball. As you can see, our book isn’t exactly focused on one thing. We’re all over the place. I think the title of our book explains it pretty well. “I’ll have a pizza with everything on it.” is sort of a scrapbook or a collage, each with a personal, deep fried, gooey, cheesy mess of our lives. If you ever had a pizza with everything on it, you would probably find a abundance of random and unique tastes. For example, a slice of pineapple, chili peppers, bananas, and chocolate. Weird huh? At first glance, I would never even consider taking a bite of it. That’s what our book well be kind of like, a mess of delicious and melted essays.

We’ll be experimenting and attempting new things. So please don’t be too harsh on us as we reveal more about our book. Our estimated end date is by the end of April. Until then ladies and gentlemen.

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