Every Second Counts

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Throughout our lives, we’ve most likely heard the phrase, “Make every second count,” or some variation of it. I’ve never really made full sense of this phrase; Rather, I’ve kinda shrugged it off and have taken it for granted. Nevertheless, I’ve never come to truly appreciate the truth of such a simple saying until it finally came back to bite me in the butt.

When I say “Every Second Counts,” I’m not talking about the typical meaning of doing something to make the most of your time, I mean EVERY SECOND COUNTS! Literally.

So I have a story to tell about my recent experience in which I had to learn this the hard way:

For a class extra credit assignment, I had to attend a show called Miss Saigon. The show begins at 7:30. Meanwhile, here I was at home, chowing down on my Subway tuna sandwich as I tuned in for some NBA action 45 minutes beforehand. Then all of a sudden, I received a phone call from my friend, telling me that I should come as soon as possible because they were running out of tickets at the door. So I quickly finished my food and called my mom to leave immediately. And here is where the problem arises….

My mom did not understand the intensity of the pressure. I explained to her that the tickets were running out soon but she was still getting ready. She told me, “One minute is not going to make a difference!” So stepped outside and waited in the car. She finally came out as calm as ever, while I was fuming with anger with adrenaline rushing down myself.

So we arrive and I get dropped off and waited in line to purchase my tickets. While I was waiting in line, a person purchasing his tickets knew 3 people behind me so they basically cut in front of the line and received their tickets. Then the lady in from of me was called up to the booth to make her purchases. And here I am. The next person in line, getting my wallet out, as I wait to be called up to the stand, when just my luck, the lady at the counter yelled out, “Tickets to Miss Saigon are sold out.” I was the next seriously the next person in line.I was so shocked that I asked her if I had heard that correctly. And yes indeed, I came home empty handed.

The moral of the story is that EVERY SINGLE SECOND DOES COUNT. What if my mom had finished a 5 seconds faster? What if that was the reason why we had to stop in from of the yellow light? What if I had ran to the line instead of asking people where the line began? But again, what if those people didn’t cut in front of me. Either or, I would have been sitting in my seat watching the show instead of having to call my mom to make a u-turn to pick me up again.

Picture credits: Zeek_


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