An Update: “I’ll have a pizza with everything on it.”

Good news everybody!  We’ll be done with our book in a couple months!

I don’t have a source for this, sorry.

We’ve mentioned the book once or twice now, but it looks like we’ll finally finish it up soon!  We’ve been writing essays for almost half the year, so we should have enough to stuff into the book.  Initially, the book was going to be some sort of action thriller type story, but we scrapped the idea pretty quickly.  So instead, we have a bunch of essays about anything and everything!  I was opposed to it at first, but it’s gradually becoming better and better.

Last week, Orlando (another member) and I brainstormed for a while, because after all this time we still hadn’t come up with a title or cover for our book.  After straining for a couple minutes, we finally got it: “I’ll have a pizza with everything on it.”  It’s perfect!  We also had an incredible idea for the cover, BUT I won’t spoil it.  We’ll reveal it with the book! If it wasn’t obvious, it’ll probably involve pizza.

So now, all that we’re looking to do is add in maybe a little more, and then raise funds for a few books.  We’re not really looking to make a New York Times Best Seller, though I’ll admit, judging by the amount of books that have the prestigious title, it doesn’t seem terribly difficult.  No, instead we’ll be making a few copies and selling them to people who want them.  If nobody wants them, then oh well.  We still wrote a book! The entire experience has been a journey, and spreading the work out over a few months has made the work more than bearable.  It’ll be interesting to see the completed project, and I hope a few people are looking forward to it as much as we are.  Thanks for reading this short little update, and if you’re interested in anything about it feel free to contact us.


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