Student-Teacher Relationship

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In order for teachers to teach, and students to learn, one criteria must be met. That is simply trust. This responsibility initially lies on the teacher; he or she must begin to establish this trust, the connection with students that makes them feel willing to learn from him/her. The teacher must show that they are willing to trust their students before students can trust the teacher. Otherwise, students will say to themselves, “Why should I listen to this person in front of the class?”

As a student, this is exactly how I feel about a certain teacher at this moment. If I feel like my teacher does not have full commitment to who I am as a student, then how do I enjoy learning in his class and why should I call him my teacher? I realize that I will have to deal with it if I want to succeed in the class, but the IT factor just isn’t there anymore. Now I’m not here to bash on one of my teachers or anything. I respect him and I still call him my teacher. But, I’m here to share my personal experience of recent weeks and just to get something off my chest.

So just about a week ago, I had to make up my Bio exam, which happened to be on the same day as my APUSH test. The initial plan was to make up my Bio test during 5th period, and take my APUSH test the following period. But due to the length of the bio test in addition to starting the test late, I missed nearly half of the next period. So when I finished taking the Bio test, my teacher gave me a note to excuse me for being tardy. But little did I know, my APUSH teacher was not pleased one bit. And this is what I have a problem with.

When I opened the door to enter the classroom, he took me outside and stated questioning me. Seems reasonable right? I kinda expected it; However, what I did not expect was him giving me a hard time about it. I explained what was on my teacher’s note in that I had to take an exam. But the thing that ticked me off was that he was questioning my honesty. He asked, “So you decided to take her test instead of mines?”and “So you’re telling me that you her test was so long that it took you nearly a period and a half.” I responded, “Pretty much.”

First off, I did not choose to take the bio test instead of the APUSH test. In an ideal situation, I would have finished my test before the period, and taken his test all in one day. But things happen and this is not a perfect world. I mean, why would I want to wake up earlier than usual to make up the test? I was really surprised by his reaction to say the least. Like did he not trust me that I took that long? Did he really think I ditch the class to avoid taking the test? Please teacher, for once, trust what I have to say.

Another incident I want to share was with my friend and the same teacher. So we had a rough draft of a project due this day. But my friend had been really ill and missed school that day. However, in class, when my our teacher was checking our progress on our project, he asked “Where is —-? Hmm, the same the ROUGH DRAFT of the project is due. Huh interesting…” Although this was not a direct question to me, I was thinking in my head, “Can a sick person not be excused from class, without a teacher questioning him and blaming it on one assignment?”

Just my 2 cents on things….

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