Top 8 Reasons that Top 10 Lists are Stupid

*note, It is unknown as to whether or not Taylor Swift actually hates Top 10 lists
*note, It is unknown as to whether or not Taylor Swift actually hates Top 10 lists

1.  They’re too clickbaity.

When’s the last time you saw a top 10 article that wasn’t clickbait?  Oh yeah, never.  That’s because the main purpose of these articles is to draw in viewers.  Top 10 lists make people curious, and they want to find out what’s in the list.

2.  They’re generally very poorly organized.

Top 10 lists are a bunch of thoughts from one person put into a list usually without any specific order.  It’s like turning in a final draft with a paper that you used for brainstorming.

3.  They offer little elaboration on the topic 

For example: a generic top 10 movies list will list off the movie, and then a one or two sentence description of the entire film.  99% of the time, It’s impossible to do a movie justice with a review that short.  If it’s that bad, the writer should be able to go on for at least a paragraph or two about why the movie is terrible.  The same applies if it’s “the movie of the century.”

4.  They’re terrible at persuading people

Why even bother writing 10 random sentences when trying to get a point across?  It’s better to write a short essay, where there’s an obvious flow of ideas and you can really build off of your ideas.

5.  The writer will try to be humorous for only one section of the entire article.

The veiled attempts at humor in these lists have always bothered me.  They just seem so out of place for something that can easily be added into the entire essay.

6.  The writer eventually runs out of things to write about 

The best points of any top 10 list are either at the very beginning, or at the very end.  The quality of the rest of the sections can be determined by how close they are to the writer’s best ideas.

7.  There’s always one point that restates the title in a barely different way

This is also a byproduct of #6.

8.  Top 10 lists are really dumb!

I mean, really!  Top 8 lists are obviously superior because they’re a shortened, more effective version of the top 10 list.  They’re literally perfect.

Alright, well that raps it up for this week!  I hope you enjoyed my top 8 list, don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe, reblog, reshare, tweet, hashtag, email, and make copies of it to share with other people in person!  Have a good one!

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