Nothing Lasts Forever

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I’m sure all of us have heard the saying, “You do not know what you have, before it’s gone,” or something along the same lines, right?  You’ve probably heard this plenty of times, especially during your childhood days, from teachers, parents, etc. However, this is a moral lesson that cannot be taught, but only experienced. 

Why do humans tend to take things for granted? Whether you want to admit it or not, every single person on earth is greedy. And I mean EVERYONE. It is in our DNA. It is human nature. No one is truly satisfied of what they currently have. Now be honest with yourself. There is something that you want that you don’t currently have. As humans, it is our natural instinct to want MORE. Like us humans say, “The more the merrier.”

The truth of the matter is, humans do no realize the true value of the things and privileges that they have until it is taken out of their hands. We take things for granted because we expect that the things that we have, will be with us forever. We expect that they will be there when we need it. We tend to think about what we can have, rather than what we do have right now.

Let’s take technology for example. On a daily basis, we use the internet, watch T.V., and use our cell phones. How many times have you stopped and thought to yourself, “Boy am I fortunate to have these things.”? More often than not, we will continue to roam the internet and text our friends, without a trace of thought about what happens if we did not have these things in our life. We take them for granted because we expect them to be there tomorrow, and the next day, and forever. But if we go days without them, we will feel something missing, a hole in our daily lives. It is not until we lose them, do we realize that the small things in life, were the big things.

We have to experience the loss of someone or something in order to truly understand and appreciate what we have. On Thanksgiving, we give thanks to what we have. We say, “I am thankful for…” but the question is, “Are you really? or are you just saying so.” We can say all we want. We can think about it and imagine the loss of something. BUT in order to learn how to be grateful, one has to live it and experience it first hand.

I’m sure many of us are thankful for our parents right? But how many times have we argued with them, and talked back and disrespected them? But if we say that we are thankful for them, then why do we make the decisions that we make? We are thankful to have them but we end up disrespecting them anyways. Similar with our technologies, we take them for granted. We expect them to be with us everyday. It is not until we experience the loss of someone special, will we understand their value to our lives. We never think about what we have; we think about what we can have. We will only think about what we have when it is out of our sights.

The small things in life are bigger than it seems.

Photo Creds: Melbourne Streets Avant-garde



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