The Art Form of Procrastinating

ProcrastinationI’m in a familiar spot right now; just sitting behind my computer screen procrastinating.  I’ve spent the past few hours avoiding this blog post, but now here we are.  I’m writing a blog that I could have written earlier, and I could be in bed right now.  However, I’m not going to talk about how terrible procrastinating is.

I for one, think that procrastinating can be a great thing.  However, it depends entirely on how important the activity is.  If it’s of utmost importance, or very little importance, putting it off is probably a bad idea.  That’s because in both cases, you’re not likely to get either done.  The activity that’s very important, is probably somewhat time consuming, and even if you start it after waiting long enough, you won’t be able to finish it.  The one of little importance, you’ll either forget or just not care about, so that won’t get done either.  So instead, we need something that’s moderately important, like an hour long homework assignment.  It’s important enough that I would do it, but it’s not a project or anything that would take more than an hour or two, so I can guarantee that I’ll be able to finish it.

Now that you know when to, or when not to procrastinate, I’ll talk about how I put off activities.  Usually, I put off something by having fun, which is ultimately short lived because I’ll guilt myself into doing something productive.  So from one assignment, it’s stemmed into several smaller things that I might not have done that day.  Maybe I’ll watch golf analyses of pros’ swings, or I could head to the gym and work out, or I could read Grapes of Wrath and try to catch up because I’m already behind, etc etc.  It’s a win win situation, I either get my assignment done, or I get less significant but still beneficial tasks done.

That’s it for this week, I’m not responsible if you fail your classes or if you get fired.  Have a good one guys

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