Valentine’s Day Solution Guide #2

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So last week, we discussed about some possible last minute cheap gifts for your Valentine date as well as proposing recommendations on an ideal gift. Last week, we briefly went over the gift of experience, but today, with Valentine’s day tomorrow, we will go more in depth and discuss different types of “experiences” plus why I think they can be so meaningful.

Experiences can make an extremely beautiful gift. Like said last week, experiences create memories, and memories and moments are meaningful because they will last forever. The gift of experiences and memories may not be a physical object that your partner can hold and touch, but they are guaranteed to last a lifetime and that is what makes it special.

Take your date out to try something new that’s fun or take them to someplace that they have always desired. Trust me, as long as you put your love in it, they will thank you for it. I mean, who doesn’t love the opportunity to try something new. Whatever you give them and wherever you take them, it will always be in their mind and most importantly, their heart for the rest of their lives. You can’t erase memory no matter what you try and a gift of a lifetime will surely put your hearts closer together.

Now the question arises. “Where should I take him/her?” Well? Take them somewhere of their that suits their interests. For example, if your girl loves Taylor Swift, then take her to a Taylor Swift concert immediately. Concerts are amazing gifts because they can be so fun and crazy, which makes for an awesome experience. Now lets say your boyfriend loves sports, particularly basketball and the Lakers. Then what are you waiting for? Buy tickets and take him there ASAP. If he or she loves traveling, nothing is better than finding two airplane tickets and a hotel reservation to Hawaii. If these are first time experiences, they will even be more meaningful, considering that you’ve given them something that no one has given them before, not even themselves.

Keep in mind, “experiences” aren’t restricted to taking them to someplace. Attempt to try something new together. If you two have never done so before, an option can be to take her ice skating or maybe even a new restaurant that just opened with a cuisine that you’ve never tried before. Those are just a few examples out of the millions available to choose from. Just remember, that if you put some thought and love into your gift, it will surely turn out beautiful; I mean who doesn’t want to try something new and go somewhere for fun. Give them memories that they will be proud of keeping for a lifetime!

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Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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