When Too Much Is Too Much


As mere mortals, sometimes we do not know when we hit our limits, that we are only human. Some are ignorant of this wisdom, and others seem to know this, yet they continue to struggle, just like machines with an absolute command. When others try to help, they may lash out and verbally accuse others of not understanding or being ignorant themselves. These people, these robots, are trapped in the old phrase to “Never give up”. Persistence to work hard to achieve your goals is a virtue, but continuing to do so at the expense of your own health and relationship with friends and family is what I would call a sin.

At this point, this persistence can be considered as an habit, a drug, a addiction. Family and friends worry over these addicts, but these addicts are too engrossed in their ideals, and blinded by their beliefs, and traditions. These addicts become irritable and annoying with these burdens that they hold. Unfortunately for their children, they may follow in their footsteps headfirst into these twisted ideals, diluted of course, however it could cause frustration, stress, and even depression.

It’s okay to give up when the going gets hard, and relying on friends and family can relieve the burden and stress off your shoulders. The health of you and your relationships are more important that carrying this burden alone, in the darkness, away from anywhere others can help you. The best thing you can say to someone with this burden is: Will you rely on me?

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