Top 10 Anime I’ve Watched in 2014


Happy New Year! It’s been a while since we last posted, but while we were partying hard and in food comas from the break, we didn’t forget about you guys. I (Kevin) myself made it a MISSION to splurge on anime, old and new alike, to bring you this list of romance, drama, and action.

Note that this list is top 10 anime that I’VE watched, therefore it is of my opinion. *Warning* This list may or may not contain spoilers.

10. Grisaia no Kajistsu is a anime based on a visual novel of the same time. It paints a story of young people who have undergone intensive trauma, and their efforts to remain “normal”, in a “normal” school, with other “normal” students. It doesn’t help that this normal school is surrounded by towering walls on all sides and only houses six students and one teacher. It also doesn’t help that each and every one of these students are crazy in one way or the other.

9. Madan no Ou to Vanadis is set in fictional Western Europe, in a time when knights were chivalrous, feudalism prospered, and kings ruled the land. Tigre, a young nobleman of the kingdom of Brune, finds his border territory invaded by the neighboring country of Zhcted. Leading the charge is War Maiden Ellenor, who is blessed with the powers of a dragon. Tigre is defeated and captured, but wins the favor of Ellenor, gaining her trust and her army, leading him to undergo a campaign to retake his home country from the hands of corrupt nobles. A brilliant mix of comedy, the beauty and terror of war, and romance.

8. The Legend of Korra. I don’t care that it’s made by western animators, The Legend of Korra is an anime. Continuing in the same world as Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang dies and is reborn as Korra, a whiny, impatient girl who seems to take the title of Avatar a little too seriously. Even worse is that she has love problems left and right, being in the shadow of Aang, and has to defeat bad guys to “keep the balance”. However, each of these villains had good intentions, just…with a cruel way of doing it. Equality, Balance, and Order. Over the course of the series, the audience sees Korra grow up from a obnoxious brat into a capable and dependable Avatar, while exploring heavy topics like living up to one’s name, growing up, and even same sex relationships.

7. Durarara!! Seen from the eyes of a boy from the country, Mikado experiences the bustling city life of Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. However rumors of color gangs, strange people, and even a headless Black Rider seems to be over the top and unbelievable, until Mikado witnesses all three of these events in one day. A story about the secrets of a city and it’s inhabitants, this anime is about the dark side of normality.

6. Nobunaga Concerto Set in Japan’s Sengoku Era, a lazy and happy-go-lucky boy named Saburou is transported into the past and replaces Nobunaga, the warlord who unites Japan. Given a sword by the original Nobunaga, Saburou meets famous generals and official, often reenacting Nobunaga’s conquest through the help of his history textbook. Although the animations of this anime are 3D, it eventually will grow on the audience.

5. Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezada A story about a little girl conquering the world. That’s basically it. However, add in super suits powered with a green onion-like vegetable, a revolution to overthrow the smoker threat, and a friendly evil organization run by a little girl consisting of two former yakuza, a robot, an idiot, and a high school girl, and you have Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezada. That was a run on sentence, which is basically what you’ll find this anime to be…in a ridiculous, funny way.

4. Noragami A story about Yato, a minor god that does everyday jobs for a donation of 5 yen in addition to slaying demons with his shinki. His dream is to become the most worshiped god in all of the world, with shrine maidens, offerings, and a big home on top of a mountain However, one of his jobs goes wrong when he runs onto a road to find a lost cat. Hiyori sees him and pushes him out of the way of a moving bus, not knowing that he was actually a god, causing her to become a half ghost. A story about repenting for your sins, facing your past, and the cruelty of this world, Noragami presents this with a mix of romance, comedy, and a bit of pervertedness.

3. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu An anime about parasites from space that takes over human brains. Shinichi is infected with one of these parasites, but manages to restrict it from burrowing further up his arm. This results in having an alien hand named Migi that can talk, transform into anything, and kill. However, Shinichi and Migi manages to establish a mutual relationship while encountering other parasites that wants to kill them. Focuses on humanity of killing, the cruelty of killing, and the sadness of killing. Basically a lot of killing and blood.

2. Monogatari A story about “oddites”, supernatural events that occur due to human belief in them. Koyomi Araragi is a high school student who was cured of Vampirism after being attacked by a vampire. As a result, he is nearly immortal and can even survive with his heart ripped out of his body. Throughout the story, he helps other people with their curses and afflictions from these oddites while gaining friends and allies, discovering the unfortunate pasts that led to his friends’ sadness.

1. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying. Exactly what the title says, this story is about a normal newly wed office worker named Kaoru and her Otaku (geek/nerd) husband Hajime. In short few minute episodes, it has more plot and depth to it than many other 23 minute episode anime that I normally watch. It is chock full of otaku references, Japanese culture, and inside jokes while still maintaining a quiet and heavy atmosphere in episodes where the artwork changes. It focuses on acceptance, love, and appreciating  your lover for who they are and what they do for you. AND THAT ENDING OMFG. WATCH IT NOW.

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