Embodying Work

I recently watched the Ted Talk “How to find and do work you love.”  I figured it would be the typical “Do different things until you find what you love, then excel at it,” because a lot of popular speeches are like that.  They’re motivating, but they have no real framework, there’s nothing for you to follow.  This speech also followed that pattern.

Scott Dinsmore was in a spot many people find themselves in: living life with a desk job that makes you want to “smash your head through your monitor.”  He goes on to talk about how the majority of people dislike their jobs and aren’t following their passion.  There’s two things holding people back, they tell themselves they can’t do it, and those around them say they can’t do it.  Dinsmore then says that the solution to this is an environment change.

This environment change would ideally move you from a bad environment where people aren’t doing anything to a good environment, where people are succeeding and doing things they want to do.  So it’s essentially the whole idea of surrounding yourself with successful people to succeed.  From there, a mindset change will follow and success will follow, it’s that easy, right?  That’s what all these motivational speeches get wrong, succeeding at something is rarely easy, and the idea that it is just puffs people up.  They walk around thinking they’re going to do something, when in reality, very few follow through with their intentions.

Dinsmore would probably argue that those people just need a change in their environment, they need to see people succeed firsthand.  The drive to change, to go out and be somebody, has to be in that person.  Seeing other people succeed won’t get you anywhere if (I know this sounds really cliche) it doesn’t come from within.  Truly successful people have this enlightened attribute that sets them apart from others.  They’re confident in themselves and their plans don’t revolve around what environment they’re in, it’s not the people close to them that make their decisions, it’s them.  They find a way to separate what they want from what the world wants, and they chase after what they want.  This is innovation, this is where people make an impact on others, this is where it starts and how it grows.

Well, thanks for reading my rant, I hope you got something out of it.  See ya next week people

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