What Are Questions?


There are two types of questions in the world: closed ended and open ended questions. Generally, closed ended questions are hard to follow up, and usually only require a yes or no response. However open ended questions are questions that lead to other questions; a question that leaves the conversation open for others to answer. Questions that stimulate the thinking process and expands your knowledge is of the open ended type

Here are two examples of closed and open ended questions:

Is global warming bad for the Earth?
How does global warming affect the Earth?

As you can see, question 1 merely presents the question expecting a yes or no response from the audience. It is also usually biased towards a certain position, such as in the question that global warming is bad for the Earth. However, by expanding your thinking through question 2, you can do research and find out that global warming is a natural phenomenon that helps keeps the sun’s energy in the atmosphere to keep the temperature life sustaining.

Therefore, we can assume that open ended questions promote and add to the conversation, expanding thought processes and knowledge.

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