Failure to Meet Deadlines

I sat hunched over behind my computer screen, staring at the papers sprawled out across my desk.  I’d finished my calculus and spanish homework, but I still hadn’t started my US history outline.  It was due tomorrow and it would probably take me four hours to write.  I glanced behind me at the clock on my dresser to see the blinding blue numbers “11:52,” staring back at me.  I went to sleep with an unfinished outline, knowing I wouldn’t be able to participate in class the next couple days.Stressed Out

Meeting deadlines is a stressful task.  Why did it take me so long to do my homework?  If I got home at 5:00 pm, it shouldn’t have taken me seven hours to do two subjects of homework.  What was I doing all that time?  Well, I played video games, browsed through Facebook and Reddit for a while, took a particularly long time to clean my room, and started my homework around 9:00 pm.  I’m convinced that there’s a relationship between the time it takes to finish homework, and the time it takes for somebody to start it.  If it takes forever for me to start my homework, then I will spend forever trying to finish it because my brain is already fried.

Life is all about priorities.  My priorities were, and still are at times, skewed.  When I can’t recognize that I’m wasting time, or that I’m straying from my path, I’ll fail to meet my deadlines or achieve my goals.  My priorities usually look something like…

1.  School

My parents have told me over and over that good grades in today’s world are almost necessary to be successful.  If I don’t go to college, I don’t get my degree, and several jobs are now unavailable to me.  I want to experience college and then have the freedom to choose an occupation that I love.

2. Golf

Golf is something that I really enjoy, I play or practice usually five times a week.  I hope to get a college scholarship in the next year or two, and then I’ll see how far it takes me after that.

3.  Having fun or goofing off with friends

It’s at the bottom of my list because for the type of life I want to live, it’s the least important.  Friends are important, but if I want to be successful and do something with my life, I won’t get anywhere if I’m not working towards a goal.  That doesn’t necessarily mean work shouldn’t be fun, but rather, that work should be productive.  Comedians have a feelgood job, they get to make people laugh for a living!  I’m sure the best comedians enjoy what they do, but without hard work and developing their talents, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

When I’m not getting anything done, I’m usually too focused on having fun.  One of the few things that I’ve learned so far in life is that not every day will be fun.  Sometimes, we’ll have to work hard at something we don’t enjoy, with no immediate reward, to enjoy the fruits of our endeavors later in life.  Greater commitment to one’s goals and priorities, will result in greater accomplishments.

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