Memory Loss

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An interesting prompt came up in our English class the other day as we had to discuss on the following: If you found out that you would lose your memory every five minutes, what would you have tattooed on your body to help you remember what you had previously known? Before you continue reading, stop and think for a moment…what would you have tattooed on your body to remind yourself of who you are.

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Failure to Meet Deadlines

I sat hunched over behind my computer screen, staring at the papers sprawled out across my desk.  I’d finished my calculus and spanish homework, but I still hadn’t started my US history outline.  It was due tomorrow and it would probably take me four hours to write.  I glanced behind me at the clock on my dresser to see the blinding blue numbers “11:52,” staring back at me.  I went to sleep with an unfinished outline, knowing I wouldn’t be able to participate in class the next couple days.Stressed Out

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Analyzing Advertisements

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Everywhere we go, advertisement is constantly in front of us. Whether it may be in the form of commercials or pictures on T.V, the web,  the office, or at  school, there is no way around it. The reason why they appear so often in our everyday lives, is because companies and businesses heavily rely on them to “catch” consumers into buying their products. But what are the techniques to make an ad that can draw people’s attention? Find out here:

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