[Insert Witty Title Here]

Nice to meet you! My name is Kevin and I’m the third member of 8 Cent Publishing. Being influenced by anime and romance stories, I’ve had my own little fantasies From time-slip to classic hero-defeats-demon lord stories, I’ve had them all. So, I would like to take the opportunity of publishing a book to share one of my very own daydreams to others.


I oversee all actions regarding writing and grammar in 8 Cent Publishing. I guess I could also be called the Head Editor, but I’m the only one unfortunately. Errors in grammar or diction will be corrected by me to improve the overall quality of our work. I will give advice and tips to 8 Cent Publishing’s writers and guide them through the revision process. Many drafts and peer revisions will be done over the course of our project, and any work, essay, or post will have to be approved by me and Corey before being published. This means I will be on the 8 Cent Publishing blog frequently, and will be able to answer questions. I will do my very best to present our readers with the finest work that high school juniors can do!

See you next time readers!

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