Eat, Sleep, Tweet, REPEAT!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.45.41 PM

I like to eat, I love to sleep, and I will be tweeting, because THAT is what I do!

Hello people of the web! My name is Orlando, and I am one of the four members of  8 Cent Publishing. Well what is 8 Cent Publishing you may ask? In short, we are a group of high school students who got together and share a common goal, that is to publish our own book.


I am the main man behind all social media activities. I will be handling our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages and making sure that they are well updated with consistency. I was chosen to be in charge of social media because my group believed that I had the most experience with it. My manager, Mr. Corey, has given me trust with the responsibility to manage it properly and I will try to bring it my all to the table.

So far, we only have Twitter running, and we would really appreciate it if you all check that out at Our Facebook and Instagram page will be up soon. As we get more ideas on what our book is going to be about and as we get into the groove of things, there will be more content in the very near future.

Being in charge of social media, it would only convenient that I am the documentarian as well. I will take pictures and document the progression of our journey. We want to share our work with other people, so that the world can see our progression and how much we’ve grown at the end of this process. So I will be capturing pictures of our progression in and outside of class and posting it on the web so that the whole world can see.

The road ahead of us isn’t going to be a walk in the park. But we have assigned specific roles in which we believe each member will be most comfortable with and will bring the best out of one another.

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