The First Short Straw


Moral of the Story: Don’t throw Paper First!

Hi! My name is Corey, and I’m the first member of 8 Cents Publishing to introduce themselves on our official blog. (I’m first cause I lost the rock-paper-scissors battle…)


Before I tell you of my role here, let me explain what is we actually do!

We are a collection of 4 writers, all hoping to write a book, a novel, something, collaboratively. What it is, we really don’t know, but that’s the great part, we’ll just find out on the way! Its my belief that the journey is more important than the destination, and this blog will be the chronicler of that journey as we try to find out what we want to write and put it together piece by piece!

So where do I fit into this overall scheme? My acting role is the manager, I oversee and maintain all stages and phases of making this book that we want to write, and hope to guide us to a great end product!

My other, more passive role is the Art Director. Now I’m not really an artsy guy, I actually came into this role via necessity, I have the most experience in media and production and while I was never part of the creative process, I have worked with people in that field, placing me as the most qualified for both my positions here as both manager and Art Director.

About Me:

I’ve really always wanted to write a book, and saw this as a great opportunity to explore writing, especially in the collaborative process! I’ve been inspired, not so much by other books, but by great works of film and media, especially works that have transcended time as heralded masterpieces such as Citizen Kane. I also take inspiration from great writing in TV shows and Anime, referencing some great works like Criminal Minds or Cowboy Bebop, respectively. I am currently a Junior in High School, and I’m looking forward to being able to write this book with some great people!

What I want the Book to be:

Right now, I have absolutely no clue what I want this book to be; I’ve got no plot, no characters, no setting, nada. But what I really want the book to have is atmosphere and mood. To me, great works of film or literature have great atmospheres within them, they suck the reader into their world, and fully flesh out that world to the audience. Some works with amazing atmospheres would be A Tale of Two Cities or Huckleberry Finn, and from film or media some great examples would be of course Citizen Kane or The Grand Budapest Hotel. Each of these works has a specific atmosphere or “feel” to it, and stays true to that feel throughout the story, defining it, shaping it, and molding it into something spectacular.


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